I started working as a machinist in my family's machine shop as a teenager and have spent my career learning about different areas of fabrication and design and production management.


   •    Solid foundation in project management: As foundry manager for several established art foundries in Los Angeles, I have overseen many projects with local, national and international scope. My responsibilities, based on my thorough understanding of the mechanics of each project, included generating estimates and budgets, hiring and training new employees, managing client expectations, project scheduling, and ensuring on-time delivery.

   •    Personnel Management: As a foundry manager and office manager in the foundry industry I have effectively managed shops’ staff, including recruitment, training and development.


   •    Manufacturing and prototyping experience: In addition to my art foundry and fabrication work, I have background in machining. My skills include programming and operating CNC and manual lathes and mills. I also have experience prototyping scientific research equipment.


   • Customer service: I have often been the first contact and liaison for the client and craftsmen. Understanding the needs of the client, keeping the client informed, and managing the expectations of the client are perhaps the most important part of a service-based industry.


   •    An enthusiastic desire to create: A constant throughout my life and career is a passion for the design and manufacture of stuff. I love the process of working to bring an idea to life, and am always looking for the answers that will take a project from improbable dream to tangible reality.

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